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High speed injection molding machine injection molding boxes + cover system

by:FUHONG     2020-10-11
Disposable lunch box is a kind of low-value products, injection molding machine such thin wall products, in general will be fast, low energy consumption to produce benefits, so the injection molding machine manufacturer is competitive in the market. But in the field of disposable lunch box cover molding, industry still stays in a second, a four level, how to create more value for customers? Professional and technical team insight into the market trend of disposable lunch box, and customer demand for products and equipment, and with partners such as mold, the material, the manipulator after full communication, take the lead in the industry to launch a eight boxes molding system. In 10 years, customer injection molding service 5 h high-speed machine got rapid development. Combined with customer feedback and Suggestions, the designer of the machine has carried on the comprehensive development. 5 h the introduction of Germany advanced technology, injection molding is a new hybrid machine, suitable for thin wall products. 5 h: high speed, high energy saving, high efficiency, high precision and high security. 5 h high-speed machine injection molding system features: 1. Single cylinder injection fuel tank, injection oil cylinder and the screw in a straight line, there is no double oil cylinder synchronization issues. At the same time, reduce the product weight makes the machine change injection speed quick response. MOOG servo valve control, make the machine more rapid and accurate shooting. 2. High reflecting the ACC accumulator design, the fastest injection speed can reach 400 mm/SEC. Shorten the injection time, in order to satisfy the demands of the diversification of products. 3. Servo direct drive motor, accurate metering, energy saving and the formation of the multiple loop control, save time. Clamping system 1. Limited analysis template, its high hardness and no deformation characteristics can protect the mold and suitable institutions need high speed rate of fire. 2. 5 h mobile plate by roller bearing and reduce friction and reduce the mold opening, mold-shut resistance. At the same time, protect the mould and improve the service life of the machine itself. 3. Through the special software switch is designed to ensure the switch fast and stable. Template space, increase the range of maximum and minimum injection molding machine thickness 5. In addition, the increase of the nut design flexibility, reducing the shear force and improve the service life of the screw.
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