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High-speed injection molding machine has what mysteries

by:FUHONG     2020-09-04
High speed injection molding machine has high security, high speed, high stability, high precision, high energy saving, the characteristics of small make up is emphatically introduced with you this time the remaining two outstanding performance, high precision and high energy saving. High precision: 1: high speed injection molding machine adopts the advanced KEBA1000/2000 computer controller, full of intelligent control computer motherboards and machine operating temperature. 2: the selection of the world's best precision MOOG servo valve fully closed loop injection system, to ensure the stability and accuracy of glue. 3: oil sector executive components connected directly with the action, the machine control is more precise and more rapid in operation. 4: high precision accuracy of the unit, each time the injection molding of the resin stable equilibrium, difference less than 0. 6 g, and the amount of conventional injection molding machine injection g general reach more than 5 g. High energy saving: 1: top MOOG valve as servo control system, every need according to the running of action, intelligence to provide the corresponding hydraulic oil output flow, do not produce the overflow loss, save energy 30% power 70%. 2: efficient servo system can effectively prevent the oil temperature rise, cooling, thereby reducing the replacement rate of the hydraulic oil, achieve better energy saving effect. More than 3: the closed-loop state loop hydraulic system, multiple operating simultaneously, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency. 4: soft start mould, does not affect the power grid, avoid the pollution. The above is the mystery of the high-speed injection molding machine, if you are understanding of high speed machine related information, welcome to contact us!
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