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High speed injection molding equipment have what advantage?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-06
Company for many years has been to provide customers with stable and reliable injection molding service, research and development of the third generation 5 h high-speed injection molding machine is a new hybrid injection molding machine, injection molding machine is suitable for the thin-wall revolving box production, such as thin walled vegetable box, one-time fruit box, etc. Compared with the past simple using accumulator high-speed servo motors, high-speed injection molding machine has the following advantages: high speed, the machine adopts high precision single cylinder injection system and the accumulator injection to achieve high speed injection molding. High efficiency: the machine can realize simultaneous release, open mold, the loading, shorten the cycle. High security: machine with institutions, hydraulic, electrical triple protection and European CE protection cover design. High precision: configuration of precision MOOG servo valve fully closed loop injection system, adopting European cash KEBA computer controller, sophisticated international contactor and limit switch brands, etc. High energy saving: through the servo motor is connected to the injection unit, can save energy consumption and more precise control of position. In addition to the thin-wall revolving boxes, mixed high precision high-speed machine widely used in disposable food containers, following, plastic machinery gear, LED light, plastic pipe fittings products such as injection molding, can precisely control the quality of the each module as well as the location, at the same time can also reduce the forming error and obtain high precision molding. Injection project if you want to achieve more efficient production capacity, welcome to contact us, ZhuanYeTuan team will recommend appropriate thin-wall injection molding machine for you, at the same time the company also produces PVC injection molding machine, PET injection molding machine, injection molding machine, servo energy-saving injection molding machine, etc. , models complete, the service quality, trustworthy.
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