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High speed injection machine what are the characteristics of the

by:FUHONG     2020-09-20
Injection molding machine to provide various types of injection machine, its technology is more and more mature, are on sale in the country and around the world, win customers favor. The characteristics of the high-speed injection molding machine 1, provide different size machines. Standard, servo injection moulding machines from 50 t to 2000 t, variable pump injection machine from 88 tons to 1080 tons, gas-electric compound high speed injection machines from 200 tons, double color and mixed double color injection machine from 110 tons to 268 tons. 2, machinery to provide different types of machines. Standard injection machine, injection machine, injection machine servo energy-saving variable pump, double color injection, 5 h high-speed injection molding machine, PET/PVC plastic injection machine. 3, the characteristics of injection molding machine and advantage. Injection molding machine has the advantages of high performance, stability, safety, and cost effectiveness. It has the high sex ratio. Different types of injection machine has its own features. Variable pump machine, it has a fuel-efficient, water saving, energy saving and high speed, etc. Bypass filtration device, in particular, can save a lot of energy, prolong service life. Servo energy-saving injection machine, it can save energy, stable performance, fast response, and long-term use can significantly save electricity. High speed jet, strictly speaking, it is injected into the high speed is. Through the use of battery increase injection rate. So it is very suitable for thin wall products need high injection speed. Qing double color injection molding machine it can be used to produce two color products, it is stable, precise injection, with its special PLC, operator can better control the injection machine, also for the two different products use the same mould height. Of course, this is more expensive. 4, after-sales team, in many countries, we also have agents, customers don't have to worry about if you have any question. If you have this aspect demand, can contact us.
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