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Grasp the development trend and new technological achievements of the injection molding industry

by:FUHONG     2021-06-21
What is the impact of vertical injection molding machine molding process on product performance? The proportion of plastic materials in life is getting higher and higher, and the requirements for its quality are getting higher and higher. As an important production method, vertical injection molding machine injection molding is becoming more and more urgent for the improvement of technology. There are many influencing factors for products, but the processing conditions of injection molding are one of the important influencing factors. The traditional mold design and process parameter settings lack scientific basis, the production cycle is long, the cost is high, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Simulating the molding process of the vertical injection molding machine can find problems in the design before the mold is manufactured, so that the mold design and process parameter settings are established on the basis of scientific analysis, which can shorten the production cycle and improve the quality of products. With the improvement of product quality requirements, forecasting the molding process has become an indispensable part of design. Therefore, it is of great significance to establish a mathematical model of the melt flow and heat transfer in the mold cavity during the injection molding process of a vertical injection molding machine, and to use a numerical simulation method to simulate the molding process. Because the process parameters of the molding process directly determine the flow state of the melt in the mold cavity and have the most direct and far-reaching impact on the quality of the product, finding the optimal process conditions for product molding and controlling the molding process is to improve the plastic Effective way of product quality. During the molding process, the precise vertical injection molding machine, reasonable mold design and excellent material properties can only be reflected in a reasonable molding process setting. On the other hand, the defects of vertical injection molding machine, mold design and material properties can sometimes be compensated by proper molding process settings. It can be seen that the injection molding process of the vertical injection molding machine plays a vital role in the quality of the product. Injection molding process conditions and its influence 1. Injection pressure Vertical injection molding machine injection pressure refers to the pressure applied by the top of the screw or plunger to the plastic melt during the injection process. Its function makes the plastic melt fill the cavity at a certain speed, and the injection pressure plays a role of compaction after the cavity is filled with the melt. This makes the plastic part dense and supplements the shrinkage of the melt due to cooling, so that the plastic part maintains a precise shape and obtains the required performance. The injection pressure is mainly determined by the type of plastic, the type of vertical injection molding machine, the temperature and structure of the mold, and the wall thickness of the plastic part. The size and structure of the gating system have a great influence on the injection pressure. 2. Holding pressure The injection pressure is also called the holding pressure. In actual production, the holding pressure should be equal to or less than the pressure used during injection. When the pressure at the time of holding pressure is equal to the pressure at the time of injection, the shrinkage rate of the plastic part is often reduced, and the stability of the plastic part and the mechanical properties of the plastic part can be ensured. However, it is often accompanied by an increase in residual stress during demolding, which makes it difficult to demold plastic parts, makes plastic parts prone to deformation, surface scratches, etc. It is also easy to cause flashing of plastic parts, which affects the apparent quality. Therefore, when choosing the holding pressure, you need to consider many aspects and choose carefully. 3. Plasticizing pressure The plasticizing pressure of a vertical injection molding machine refers to the pressure on the top of the screw when the screw is retracted. Its impact on injection molding is mainly reflected in the plasticizing effect of the injection machine on the material and its plasticizing ability. But what must be remembered is that while increasing the back pressure, too high plasticizing pressure reduces the amount of plasticizing, which may cause insufficient metering. On the other hand, excessive shear heat may cause excessive shear stress, which may cause The material degrades, generates bubbles or burns, and affects the quality of plastic parts. Recommended reading: (1) Low-pressure molding machine, low-pressure molding machine brand, low-pressure molding machine manufacturer, single slide-oil and gas pressurization-low-pressure molding machine. (2) Disc injection molding machine, the most outstanding disc injection molding machine brand, mechanical disc injection molding machine manufacturer.
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