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General introduction of injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-16
Injection molding machine with the more and more mature technology and good reputation, winning the trust of many foreign clients. Now, is gradually entering the domestic market of injection molding machine, to domestic customers to provide various types of high quality plastic injection machine. The following will be to do a brief overview of injection molding machine. 1, the machine of the specifications of the standard of injection molding machine tonnage: 50 t - 1600 t, the variable pump injection molding machine tonnage: t - 88 The servo injection molding machine, 1080 t, tonnage: 50 t - 100 t, high-speed injection molding machine tonnage: t - 118 268 t, clear double color injection molding machine tonnage: t - 140 1000 t, double color injection molding machine tonnage: t - 110 188吨。 Injection molding machine, the machine's type is divided into: standard injection molding machine, variable pump injection molding machine, servo energy-saving injection molding machine, high-speed injection molding machine, two-color injection molding machine, double color injection molding machine, PET/PVC machine. 3, the machine features and advantages of the machine with high performance, stability, security and good after-sales service features, such as injection molding machine is also very high cost performance. Different models of injection molding machine have different function. For variable pump injection molding machine, it possess fuel-efficient, water saving, power saving, and high speed characteristics, especially for those who need long time cooling and molding products, it can save a lot of energy and resources cost, its motor power is great, so its thrust is bigger, faster. For servo injection molding machine, it is energy saving, stable, fast, low noise, pressure stability and excellent properties, such as oil temperature control for the high price of place, servo machine is a good choice. For high speed injection molding machine, it USES the accumulator injection, greatly increased injection speed, the machine cycle fast, high production efficiency, especially suitable for the production of ultra-thin and sophisticated products. For clear double color injection molding machine, it has the character of stability, precision injection, through its special controller, the operator can better control the injection machine, it can be used to produce double color products or two different but have the same mould height of products, of course, its price is more expensive. 4, machinery has a complete after-sales service system, so, please don't worry about the machine installation, commissioning and maintenance.
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