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General functions and operating principles of disc injection molding machines

by:FUHONG     2021-06-23
Many customers expect the disc injection molding machine to have high operating power and more beautiful products, and to modify the previous defects such as low power and large space. Learn the basic knowledge of disc injection molding machine. The mold replacement work of the disc injection molding machine can automatically insert and pick up the parts, and stabilize the output power, stabilize the quality, and stabilize the production capacity. 1. Basic knowledge. 1. Clamping force: 35-500Tons. 2. Injection volume: 2.5-50 OZ. 3. The injection speed of the disc injection molding machine: a high-precision fully closed-loop high-speed injection system can be selected, and the injection speed is 300-1000mm/s. 2. The general function of the automatic two-color vertical disc injection molding machine. 1. The high-power disc gear drive is carried by a flat self-lubricating wear-resistant sheet. 2.4-column 3-station two-color vertical disc injection molding machine: upright clamping, upright injection or horizontal injection, convenient for inserting parts. 3. Multi-station disc to increase production capacity. 4. The surface of the disc is chrome-plated and rust-proof, beautiful and durable. The disc power part can choose hydraulic motor and servo motor system. 5. JTT-850R vertical disc injection molding machine, JTT-1600R disc vertical injection molding machine, fast rotation and precise positioning. The positioning cylinder is used for positioning, the positioning accuracy is ±0.02mm, and the mold is not positioned without being positioned to protect the safety of the mold. 6. Disc vertical injection molding machine: upright clamping, upright injection, easy to insert R2 three-column two-station disc, R3 four-column three-station disc, multi-station disc (one upper, two to four lower molds) to increase production capacity 7. Integrate multiple groups of practical manipulator actions to greatly improve production efficiency. 3. Applicable scope of vertical disc injection molding machine. Suitable for multi-color chips, two-color TPU soles, two-color handles, two-color watch straps and other two-color, multi-color and hard rubber encapsulated products. Through years of rapid development, whether it is mechanical planning or mechanical production, the technical level of mechanical disc injection molding machine manufacturing has been greatly improved. Mechanical JTT-850R vertical disc injection molding machine, JTT-1600R disc vertical injection molding machine, using dual CPU computer control, man-machine unit using X86-300MHz industrial-grade special motherboard, system unit using RISC-140MHz. When the machine is in use, it can be more and more low energy consumption, work faster, and have good stability during production, faster speed, higher precision, and faster cycle times. At the same time, the turntable used in this injection molding machine is made of imported steel. The turntable selected in this model does not touch the shaft wall, which reduces the defects caused by abrasion. It can be accurately positioned and recognized before the mold is opened to protect the safety of the mold.
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