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Function introduction and injection molding process operation of vertical high-speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-05-26
JTT-550D high-speed vertical injection molding machine is mainly used in ultra-thin products, such as injection molding of precision connectors for mobile phones. The characteristic is that the product wall thickness is relatively thin, the molding cycle is fast, and the ordinary machine is difficult to fill the product. The injection speed can actually reach 450mm/sec, the fastest molding cycle can reach 3.2 seconds, and the accuracy can reach 0.2g. It is the fastest and most stable vertical high-speed injection molding machine in China. The hydraulic system uses a software closed loop to detect and compensate the hydraulic pressure, speed and position. It has high stability and is suitable for high-precision molding requirements for ultra-thin products between 0.35--0.8mm. The quality of molded products is stable during mass production. Computers, servo control valves, oil pumps, motors and other components are all internationally renowned brands. It implements closed-loop control and detection with high accuracy. High-speed vertical injection molding machines are dangerous in opening and closing molds. Some accidental injuries may occur if care is not taken during use. The following is a brief description of several high-speed injection molding process operations. 1. Keep the high-speed vertical injection molding machine and its surrounding environment clean. 2. Clean up the debris regularly, and after replenishing lubricating oil or pressure oil, wipe off the leaking oil as soon as possible. 3. Clean up the sundries such as rubber particles on the glue cylinder. Turn on the electric heater again to avoid fire. When overhauling the machine more often, do not arbitrarily remove the heat shield on the melter tube. 4. When the injection stage of the high-speed injection molding machine moves forward, do not remove the molten glue leaking from the injection nozzle by hand. 5. When cleaning the barrel, the nozzle temperature should be adjusted to the most appropriate higher temperature to keep the nozzle unblocked. Then use a lower injection pressure and speed to remove the remaining rubber in the cylinder. When cleaning, do not directly touch the newly injected rubber to avoid burns. 7. Avoid leaving heat-sensitive and corrosive plastics in the barrel for too long, and follow the shutdown and cleaning methods provided by the plastic supplier. When replacing plastics, make sure that the mixing of new and old plastics will not produce chemical reactions. For example, mixing and heating of POM and PVC will produce poisonous gas. Otherwise, other plastic must be used to remove the old material in the barrel. 8. The oil pump motor of the injection molding machine should be turned off in time when inspecting the mold or temporarily not producing. 9. When operating a high-speed injection molding machine, one person can operate it, and multiple operations are not allowed. Recommended reading: Machinery Company unveiled its JTT-550 high-speed injection molding machine injection molding solution in 2017.
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