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For maintenance made a systematic analysis of injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-22
Injection molding machine, production is generally 24 hours ( Shift) In addition to the order to reduce or public holidays, general won't stop. For a long time in the working state of the machine, we must do a good job in the maintenance effort before the machine fails to find and solve problems. Otherwise once machine malfunction should be discontinued, maintenance, the serious influence production, delayed delivery date. Because, to do a good job of injection molding machine maintenance is the dragon is important. To do well the content of the injection molding machine maintenance work must take need maintenance according to the possible failure frequency are classified: column of the content of the highest frequency of people daily maintenance, will be slightly lower frequency content column weekly maintenance, and so on and then a monthly maintenance and maintenance work content to classify each year. For hydraulic injection molding, maintenance of electrical system mainly from the following aspects of maintenance 1, when check the machine in high voltage components, such as unnecessary and should not open the total power supply. 2, change the mould, can not let the cooling water flow control box. 3, check whether the control the temperature in the cabinet is too high to affect the normal work of the electronic board. 4, in relays, using the specified voltage relay. Maintenance of injection molding machine hydraulic system pressure oil temperature should be kept between 30 to 50 degrees Celsius, if oil temperature more than 60 degrees Celsius, will appear the following questions 1, 2, pressure pressure oil because of oxidation and deterioration of oil viscosity reduction caused by the damage of oil pump, oil leakage and pressure drop, and reduce the working efficiency of the oil system. 3, accelerating the aging speed of the oil seal. 4, to prevent the cooling water leakage oil cylinder, a special molding check whether there is cold inside the oiler floor is leaking. Every six months or so to sort internal cooled oil is to be removed at a time. 5, injection molding machine 3000-4000 working hours must be replaced every a pressure oil, replacing pressure oil do not mix old and new use, at the same time should be oil cylinder screen cleaning under torsion. 6, oil system failure due to valve core is blocked by external things, should be removed with the valve core from the oil system of diesel or kerosene cleaning ( Or in clean pressure oil cleaning) Again, use compressed air to remove external things. Only if oil is made by foreign object obstruction caused by injection molding machine malfunction, otherwise you cannot removed the oil system. Injection molding machine clamping part of the maintenance 1, machine hinge clamping forces working life is very long, often a part should be the proper lubrication, or machine hinge will wear and reduce life 2, keep the four elder brother Lin Zhu clean 3, keep moving mould slide belly and cleaning and lubrication of the slide. 4, avoid close to or exceed the working pressure clamping. 5, the mold, we don't locker speed by express. 6, control cabinet lock action trip the most appropriate location, reduce the impact of the noise of the machine when the lock cabinet. 7, avoid using too much too much mold. Rubber parts maintenance of 1, keep the shoot of guide bar lubrication and clean 2, keep the surface clean and dry. 3, in addition to the plastics, pigments and additives, don't put anything else in the hopper, if with back to material, must be into the division within the hopper bucket a magnet to prevent metal debris into the plastic tube. 4, plastic tube failed to reach the preset temperature, do not start the plastic motor, and shall not use the fall line ( Loose back) Action, in order to avoid damage to the transmission system components. 5, the use of special plastics shall be consulted before, what kind of shot plastic screw is suitable for this kind of plastic 6, use plastics factory provided related right replacement of plastic and plastic tube cleaning method. 7, periodic inspection of machine parts, tighten loose parts, to ensure that the two shoot rubber oil cylinder and a half to balance, with tin shooting rubber oil cylinder oil seal is damaged, causing the oil pumping core is worn. Part 8, on a regular basis to hydraulic motor combination of fluid, grease and change into new fat 9, when the melt temperature is normal and emerging melt black spots or discoloration, should be checked pine shoot the plastic screw the aprons and there is no damage to rubber meson, injection molding machine maintenance start from the maintenance. Injection molding machine will continue to launch new models, welcome new and old customers to plant guidance and negotiate business.
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