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Flagship high-speed thin wall injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-15
As countries food standardization, foam boxes out of the stage of the market, since 2014, domestic plastic thin-wall boxes display market blowout phenomenon, injection molding machine as the earliest high-speed thin wall box the pioneer manufacturer, annual output of nearly 200 sets of high speed injection molding machine, a product for nearly 100 countries in the world. 1. Almost one-third speed, shorten the production cycle. Four 750 ml to produce a box, for example, some famous domestic brand of 330 t type cycle is more than 7 s, 300 h in the application of automatic high-speed machine to take out the equipment under the condition of the whole cycle is only five. 5 s, if is our 300 hh high-speed machine, the whole cycle can be shortened to 4 s, empty running rate was 2. 8s。 2. Low energy consumption, save energy consumption by more than 30%. The same production a square boxes, plastic injection machine energy consumption in the 30 - the same specification 40 kw/hour, a few barely 30 kw/h, 300 h high-speed machine only 28 kw/hour, energy consumption greatly reduced the cost of production. 3. Intelligent, for the whole production. Intelligent injection molding machine with advanced technology and mature robot module design, can implement continuous stable production process automation, without any manual operation, more secure, more convenient, to achieve the best black lamp factory pattern.
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