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Features and uses of high-speed injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-07-03
High-speed injection molding machines are all electric motors. Ordinary injection molding machines are hydraulic injection molding machines, and hydraulic injection molding machines are relatively slow. High-speed injection molding machines are neither ordinary machines nor servo machines. The difference between them is the difference in speed, and the positioning accuracy of high-speed injection molding machines is more precise. The role of the injection system: the injection system is one of the most important components of the injection molding machine. At present, the most widely used is the screw type. The plasticizing device of the screw injection molding machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, a barrel, a screw, a rubber component, and a nozzle. In practical applications, more and more customers will ask to buy so-called high-speed machines or fast machines. The purpose is to shorten the molding cycle and increase the output per unit time in addition to the needs of the product itself, thereby reducing production costs and improving competitiveness. To achieve the above objectives, there are several methods: ①. Speed u200bu200bup the injection speed: increase the motor and pump, or add a pressure accumulator (preferably closed loop control); ②. Speed u200bu200bup the feeding speed: turn the motor and pump Pujia, or the feed hydraulic motor is changed to make the screw speed faster; ③Multi-loop system: adopts dual-loop or three-loop design to synchronize compound actions and shorten the molding time; ④. Increase mold waterway to improve mold performance Cooling efficiency. Although the improvement and modification of machine performance can increase production efficiency, it also often increases investment costs and operating costs. Therefore, the benefit evaluation before investment needs to be carefully measured in order to produce the highest benefit with the most suitable model. Recommended reading: (1) Vertical injection molding machine, standard vertical injection molding machine, disc vertical injection molding machine, low pressure injection molding machine, consult 139-2653-6012. (2) Turntable injection molding machine, turntable vertical injection molding machine, JTT-850R turntable vertical injection molding machine brand manufacturer. (3) Low-pressure molding machine, low-pressure molding machine brand, low-pressure molding machine manufacturer, single slide plate-oil and gas pressurization-low pressure molding machine.
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