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Explanation of the operation process of the double slide vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-26
Nowadays, the double-sliding vertical injection molding machine is widely used in the plastics processing industry. So how do we use this type of injection molding machine to make it work more efficiently? You must know that each product has its own method of use. Random use not only affects the service life of the machine, but also fails to give full play to the machine's proper functions. Today we will talk about the correct use of the new dual-sliding vertical injection molding machine. 1. It is forbidden for things other than raw materials to enter the double-slipper vertical injection molding machine. Compared with other processing machines, high-temperature injection molding machines are dangerous. If workers find that the consumption of raw materials is slowed down during the operation, or the interior is blocked What, don't stick iron rods or the like into the machine, this is a very dangerous behavior. If abnormal noise or vibration is found during operation, the correct way is to turn off the machine and wait for the machine to cool down before troubleshooting. Do not check while the machine is working. This is a very dangerous behavior. 2. Keep clean around the machine. The temperature of the double slide vertical injection molding machine is very high, and the temperature of the raw materials sprayed by the nozzle is also very high. Therefore, no combustible objects should be stacked around the machine, which will cause a fire. Keep it tidy and don’t stack any objects. In addition, workers should keep the spray nozzle and the upper template level when using the machine, so as not to damage the machine platform and effectively extend the service life of the machine. If the raw materials are found to be incompletely melted during use, workers cannot directly pick up the raw materials sprayed from the spray nozzle with their hands. If the temperature is too high, the hands cannot be directly touched. At work, it is best to wear heat-resistant gloves, which can play a good protective role.
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