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Explain: What is the operating process of the vertical injection molding machine?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-24
The operation process of the vertical injection molding machine is standardized. If the operation process is not carried out according to the normal operation process, the machine will report an error and stop, or the machine will be damaged. Therefore, the manufacturer generally trains the customer's operators after delivery to the customer, and then leaves when they can use and operate proficiently. Below, we will briefly introduce the operation process of the vertical injection molding machine. 1. Before starting the machine, check whether all parts of the machine are normal, such as whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, and whether the plunger valve of the motor is normal. 2. Open the cold water valve to keep the cooling water unblocked, to ensure that the injection molded product can be quickly cooled and formed after injection molding. 3. Begin to install the mold. The position of each fixed position of the mold must be aligned. It must not be offset. After the positioning is accurate, it must be tightened and locked. Loose and fall off when placing the injection mold. 4. Heating the raw material barrel. The advantage of heating is that the raw material to be injected can be melted at a high temperature faster, which is convenient for the subsequent injection molding process. 5. Adjust the parameters of injection molding, such as injection volume, injection speed, injection pressure, clamping force and so on. Today's injection molding machines are operated with digital interfaces, and setting values u200bu200bare also convenient and quick to visualize. 6. After the setting is completed, perform a test production first. The purpose of this step is to prevent problems caused by negligence, test production is no problem, and start injection molding production with large batches of materials in the raw material barrels. The above is a specification for the operation process of a vertical injection molding machine. Of course, the machine function settings of each manufacturer are different, so the details of the operation may be different, but the operation process is basically the same as what we said above.
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