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Double slide vertical injection molding machine needs regular inspection and maintenance during use

by:FUHONG     2021-06-26
The double-slide vertical injection molding machine has become one of the most commonly used equipment in the plastics processing industry. It is the most frequently used industrial equipment. Generally speaking, its working time is relatively long, but in the process of long-term use There may be some problems in the process. Therefore, in order to maintain good operation and production efficiency in daily work, it is necessary to check and repair the equipment in a timely and regular manner. Only in this way can we prevent it from happening. Timely power-off For the double-slide vertical injection molding machine, the power must be cut off promptly and quickly when it is not working. This not only protects the safety of the staff, and avoids some safety accidents, but also to a certain extent. It saves energy and electricity for the factory, so this must be paid attention to in time. Ask professional personnel to repair the double-slide vertical injection molding machine. Once there is a problem during use, you should communicate with professional maintenance personnel in time. Remember to disassemble and assemble it privately. For those who don’t understand, you may have trouble with the machine. The second injury is caused. After the maintenance personnel remove the various originals, wipe them with alcohol, which can make the cleanliness better, especially for the cleaning of transformers, communication contactors, air switches, axial fans and other parts. Finally, one more thing to note is that when disassembling, the disassembled parts, etc., need to be placed in a reasonable and orderly manner, so as to avoid more unnecessary troubles in the future. Having enough patience is a very boring and tedious process for many operators to maintain and update regularly, but this work is just like this. Don’t be impatient, because impatient will cause more problems, so when there are problems At that time, you might as well be patient.
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