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Disc injection molding machine provides the best injection molding process solution

by:FUHONG     2021-07-01
1. The gas-assisted injection molding disc vertical injection molding machine is an injection molding in which molten plastic particles are injected into the mold and a certain amount of inert gas is injected, and the specific area of u200bu200bthe part is formed into a hollow structure through the design of the gas path, structure and process control. Craft. Disc vertical injection molding machine, this process enhances the mechanical properties of the parts, but also reduces the wall thickness of the parts, improves the appearance of the parts, and reduces the material cost and molding cycle. Therefore, this process has not only been applied in the automobile manufacturing industry, but also has been greatly developed in the home appliance manufacturing industry. Mainly used in structural parts, especially structural parts with appearance requirements. The research and application of using water instead of inert gas have also achieved certain results. 2. Composite injection disc vertical injection molding machine, placing a sheet that matches the shape of the mold or a shapeless sheet on the movable mold side of the injection mold and then injection molding, so that the product has a two-layer structure and has the shape given by the mold. The advantage is that the processing procedures are reduced, the appearance of the product is good, and the adhesion between parts is strong. Therefore, this process has very few applications in instrument panel manufacturing, but has certain applications in door trim panels and decorative slats. 3. Insert injection molding is widely used in the home appliance industry. This process is used in the manufacture of electrical switches in the production of instrument panels. It is to put the metal parts that need to be embedded in the injection molded parts in the mold before injection molding, and the molten plastic after injection molding partially wraps them to become a part. 4. Two-color or three-color injection molding is carried out on a vertical disk injection molding machine, and is injected into a special injection mold at the same time in the same production cycle (attached: injection of different colors and types of raw materials successively, so that the products have different appearances and performances to meet Corresponding requirements), injection molded parts are insert injection molding of inserts, which are mainly used for parts with high mechanical properties and appearance requirements.
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