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Disc injection molding machine is a trend of future development

by:FUHONG     2021-05-30
What is the reason for the impurity and cold material stalemate produced in the injection part of the vertical injection molding machine? 1. The molding raw materials of the vertical injection molding machine and disc injection molding machine do not meet the requirements. If the molding raw materials are mixed with impurities or different grades of raw materials during packaging, transportation, pre-heating and pre-drying, and the raw materials have uneven or large particle sizes, they will cause the vertical injection molding machine and the disc injection molding machine to mold the plastic parts. Contains foreign matter and impurities. In this regard, foreign materials and impurities in the raw materials should be screened out, and raw materials with uniform particle size should be selected. In the pretreatment and molding process, prevent dust and other foreign matter impurities from mixing into the melt from the hopper, barrel and mold. Second, the vertical injection molding machine, disc injection molding machine injection molding production process conditions are not properly controlled, the causes and treatment methods are as follows. ①. The temperature of the material is too low, and the melt is poorly plasticized. The temperature of the barrel should be appropriately increased. ②. If the material temperature is too high or the molding cycle is too long, the melt will decompose and deteriorate. The material temperature should be lowered and the molding cycle should be shortened. ③. The mold temperature and nozzle temperature are too low to produce cold pellets. The temperature at the mold and nozzle should be appropriately increased. ④. Vertical injection molding machine and disc injection molding machine have insufficient plasticizing capacity, and the plasticizing capacity is close to the weight of the plastic part, making the molding time very short. Should be replaced with a larger specification vertical injection molding machine, disc injection molding machine. ⑤. The mold structure is unreasonable. If there are no cold cavities or improper positioning in the main runner and branch runners of the mold, the cold material entering the cavity will form a rigid block in the plastic part. In this regard, a cold slug hole should be added. For direct feed molds, because there is no cold slug hole, cold slug spots often appear in the plastic parts. In this regard, during the operation, the cold material in the nozzle must be removed before closing the mold. When opening the mold to take the plastic parts, remove the cold material remaining in the main runner to prevent the cold material from entering the cavity. With the improvement of living standards, the quality requirements of various products and daily necessities have gradually increased. The market demand for the vertical injection molding machine, the quality and precision requirements of the disc injection molding machine have reached unprecedented heights. As a large-scale vertical injection molding machine and disc injection molding machine manufacturer, the machinery company has undergone continuous technological progress and updates. Has begun to vigorously research and develop more sophisticated vertical injection molding machines to produce high-standard demand plastic products. This is also a trend in the future development of vertical injection molding machines and disc injection molding machines.
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