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Die within the system

by:FUHONG     2020-10-12
Die post system in zhejiang casino holding group with first-class professionals, first-class hardware facilities, first-class management system, first-class manufacturing system, create the first-class casino brand, at present group is the brand, scale, internationalization direction! A complete set of manufacturing equipment, perfect its own ability, from mold design to mold manufacturing is completed, no matter from the mold manufacturing cycle, the mold life, precision, quality can give guarantee. Mould stick system is a kind of using mold decoration process, applied to bottle blowing, injection molding, and other plastic products such as blister container. Pre decoration refers to the products have labels on the container before molding. Choose a mould stick mark product has many advantages: 1. Decoration scheme is cheaper than others. 2. No additional labeling procedures and equipment. 3. Provide packing and loading. 4. Improve the packaging speed. 5. Reduce the backlog of warehouse. 6. Reduce the product weight. 7. Improve the look of the product. 8. Better dustproof stain resistant. 9. Increased the strength of side wall. 10. Crushing function better.
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