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Die temperature machine and matters needing attention

by:FUHONG     2020-09-12
Mold temperature machine, also called the mould temperature control machine, widely used in plastic injection, die casting of light guide plate, rubber tires, wheel, chemical reaction kettle, mixer and so on all walks of life. In terms of generalized, temperature control equipment, contains two aspects of heating and refrigeration temperature control. Mold temperature machine in the use of common plastics industry, main functions, such as the following: 1, improve the efficiency of product molding; 2, reduce bad product; 3, improve the appearance of the product, restrain the defects of products; 4, to speed up the production schedule, reduce the energy consumption and save energy. The size of the pump and ability. The size of the internal pipes. Heating capacity. Cooling capacity. Control form. In addition to many customers just contact mold temperature machine, select the appropriate mould temperature controller is a very important project! Random mold temperature control of choose and buy products can always bring 20% profit loss, so we must consider the need of production in detail, when buying strict examination and the ability of the mould temperature controller, it is good for you to make the decision. Howard kumar injection molding machine uphold integrity hospitality, treat every customer consistent, adhere to the most sincere attitude to treat each customer's inquiry and consultation! Please call contact!

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