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Daily for injection molding machine cylinder maintenance instructions

by:FUHONG     2020-09-15
Everyday for the maintenance of cylinder 1, injection molding machine injection molding material barrel when did not reach a preset temperature, a tentative don't drive to start the machine. Secondly each plastic has an ideal plasticizing processing temperature range, should control cylinder processing temperature, close to the temperature range. So as not to directly start the machine did not reach the temperature range, cause the damage of cylinder screw. 2, prevent the plastic metal pieces and sundry fall into the hopper, injection molding machine if processing recycling material, need to add a magnetic frame to prevent iron into the cylinder, if iron into cylinder, could lead to the abandonment of the entire cylinder and the screw. 。 3, in order to avoid the screw back drive system damaged parts, in the use of anti stripping need to determine the plastic melt completely within the cylinder. 4, when processing using the new plastic, should put the cylinder of the remaining material completely clean. 5, find the molten plastic appear black spots or discoloration and molten plastic at normal temperature, should check the rubber screw to see if the temperature is normal. 6, avoid screw idling, the phenomenon such as slippage. 7, at the same time avoid the POM and PVC with cylinder, react in melting temperature will cause serious industrial accidents every time 8, down more than half an hour or more, had better close the blanking opening and cleaning the cylinder material, set the heat preservation. 9, the screw rotation speed should be adjusted properly, because some cheer plastic strengthening agent, such as glass fiber, minerals, and other filling material, when these plastic injection molding, if with high speed, in the increase of plastic shear force at the same time, will also strengthen accordingly produce more fiber is torn, torn fiber containing sharp ends, to wear and tear strength increased greatly, leading to a shortened the service life of the screw
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