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Classification of clamping mechanism of vertical injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-05-29
The full hydraulic clamping mechanism of vertical injection molding machine can be divided into direct-acting type, liquid-filled type and two-platen type. 1. The mold opening, closing and locking of the direct-acting mold clamping mechanism are directly completed by the mold clamping hydraulic cylinder. This is a very simple clamping mechanism. The mold opening and closing action of the mold clamping mechanism is realized by the hydraulic oil directly acting on the piston, and the mold clamping action is also directly completed by the hydraulic oil boosting pressure. This kind of mold clamping mechanism does not meet the requirements of low-pressure rapid mold shifting and low-speed and low-pressure mold clamping, and the device has high energy consumption and low accuracy. Direct-acting mold clamping mechanisms are mainly used in small machines, but the current vertical injection molding machines have rarely used this type of mold clamping mechanism. 2. Liquid-filled single-cylinder liquid-filled mold clamping mechanism is the representative of the traditional full hydraulic mold clamping mechanism. Many manufacturers, such as Toshiba of Japan. Domestic machinery has produced this type of vertical injection molding machine. Although the full hydraulic injection molding machine has the problem of the compressibility of the hydraulic oil, the hydraulic pressure is equal everywhere at rest, so the force of the template and the mold is quite uniform, and the mold opening and closing accuracy is high, and there is no need for mold adjustment. Need to add oil for lubrication, less wear, long opening and closing strokes and other characteristics. 3. The two-plate liquid-filled mold clamping mechanism also has many shortcomings. At the beginning of this century, the Product Ru0026D Center of the Machinery Company and the Plastic Machinery Research Institute jointly developed other types of full hydraulic vertical injection molding machines, which solved the problems of easy pressure relief, oil leakage, and slow pressure rise of single-cylinder liquid-filled mold clamping machinery. With the development of science and technology, especially the rapid development of electronics, aerospace, and computer industries, the demand for precision plastic parts is increasing. These have driven the rapid development of precision injection molding technology. The full hydraulic injection molding machine has always been the representative of the precision injection molding machine. Its advantages have been fully utilized, especially the short closing force line of the mold and the balanced force of the tie rods. Many advantages meet the needs of the development of the times, and promote the two-plate clamping and standing Type injection molding machine has been developed rapidly. There are also many types of two-platen clamping mechanisms for vertical injection molding machines, which are mainly divided into non-circulation, internal circulation and external circulation. Read recommendation: Overview of various molding inserts of standard vertical injection molding machine
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