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Cigarette injection machine, electronic cigarette injection machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-04
In recent years, electronic cigarettes have taken the world by storm. Electronic cigarettes can indeed replace traditional cigarettes. They have also successfully helped smokers get rid of the troubles of traditional cigarettes. Compared with traditional cigarettes, there are obvious pros and cons. The tar and fiber of traditional cigarettes cause human lungs. Fibrosis, which is an irreversible injury, causes oral cancer and esophageal cancer. I believe that people who smoke with common sense understand it. And electronic cigarettes are currently not too serious, so why is the country now compulsory banning the sale of electronic cigarettes? Because of the lack of market supervision, some unscrupulous merchants did not comply with the regulations to substantially increase the content of nicotine, and some drug dealers focused on the e-cigarette channel. The addition of marijuana became a new way of drug trafficking. Personal reformation, etc., added contraband, precisely because It is not easy to supervise, to avoid poisoning young people who do not know how to distinguish, and the national policy to step down simply prohibits online sales of e-cigarettes. Prevent underage teenagers from buying. However, physical stores are still allowed to sell, with a compliant business license and operating permit, and sales to minors are prohibited. In recent years, this kind of cartridge type electronic cigarette has become popular. The cartridge refers to a container equipped with e-liquid and an atomizer. The container is sealed, one-time consumable, and must be replaced after use. It cannot be reused and is more sanitary It is safe to prevent illegal elements from tampering with the composition of the internal e-liquid. The e-liquid components of the cartridges will be supervised by the National Tobacco Administration. What equipment is used to produce cigarette bomb injection machine and electronic cigarette injection machine? The solutions given are as follows: The cartridge uses JTTL-1200R low-station disc vertical injection molding machine, its characteristics: 1. The low-station operating table is convenient for employees to operate. 2. Disc vertical injection molding machine can be matched according to product requirements, such as large clamping force, small injection volume, accelerated injection, multiple groups of neutrons, mold blowing, mold vacuuming and other functional requirements. 3. It can be matched with the characteristics of the embedded parts and the molding cycle, matching the skateboard type or the turntable type, increase the production capacity and improve the efficiency. 4. Both thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics are applicable. 5. It can also match the injection of a fully closed circuit to meet the precise requirements of optoelectronic products. 6. Disc vertical injection molding machine integrates multiple sets of practical manipulator actions, which greatly improves production efficiency. 7. Disc vertical injection molding machine, upright mold clamping, upright injection, convenient to insert R2 three-post two-station disc, R3 four-post three-station disc, multi-station disc (one up, two to four bottom molds) to increase production capacity . The silicone sealing part of the cartridge uses a JTT-850D single slide liquid silicone injection molding machine. 1. This machine is a JTT-850D single slide liquid silicone injection molding machine. The liquid silicone plunger pump and the metering method are all hydraulic working methods, which are suitable for different Liquid silicone rubber material, can process 55 gallons of liquid silicone material. 2. Fully enclosed system for injection molding, better sealing performance to prevent impurities in the air from mixing into the raw materials, improve the quality of liquid silicone injection molding products and reduce the appearance of bubbles. 2. The clamping force of this machine is: 85T; the injection volume is: 1-250g; 3. The machine is easy to operate, LCD digital screen display, various functions are clear and clear, convenient and quick to operate, high-precision temperature control, small error ,High precision. 4. The main difference of the same type of machine is in the parameter. For more parameter details, please refer to the parameter table below or consult online customer service personnel.
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