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Can a vertical injection molding machine be used as a plug?

by:FUHONG     2021-05-29
At present, all domestic injection plugs use vertical injection molding machines, but because of the wide variety of vertical injection molding machines and the different requirements of each manufacturer for injection molding, the vertical injection molding machine models selected are also different. Take the ordinary three-plug as an example, you can choose a disc injection molding machine or a skateboard injection molding machine. In terms of efficiency, we recommend the skateboard injection molding machine for the injection plug for the highest injection efficiency. The skateboard injection molding machine has two models: single slide and double slide. The single slide is injection molding and the mold is designed to be slidable by a slide. By placing multiple molds on the slide, the continuous sliding during injection can continuously lock the injection mold. Plastic molded products in molds on skateboards. This is very common in the injection design of plugs. The double slide injection molding machine is designed with two front and rear slides. Compared with the single slide injection molding machine, the efficiency is doubled and the output is higher. Let's take a 16-out mold as an example. The double slide plate can hold 4 sets of molds, which means that 64 plugs can be injection molded at a time. This doubles the efficiency compared to 32 single slides. This is why many manufacturers who do three-plug or double-plug injection choose skateboard injection molding machines for injection molding. Injection molding efficiency is the cost. The same machine needs to consume electric energy to complete an injection molding process. Saving electric energy is also the customer's cost consideration. In general, making the plug is basically the skateboard machine of choice, and you can choose the disc machine for special other requirements.
However, with the increased prevalence of automatic injection moulding machine, it has become far more affordable.
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