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Brief analysis of the characteristics of servo energy-saving series injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-29
In order to implement the country's sustainable development concept of saving energy and protecting the environment, a new type of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving injection molding machine-servo energy-saving injection molding machine series has been specially launched. This series of injection molding machines adopts AC servo system control technology. With the continuous development of high-tech industries such as precision manufacturing and new materials, the traditional environmental protection and energy-saving technology of servo system is widely used in the research and production of new injection molding machines. So, what kind of injection molding machine is the servo energy-saving series injection molding machine? What are the characteristics? The servo system is equipped with a high-performance servo drive system and a high-performance synchronous motor. The servo motor is controlled by a computer, and the output power of the machine is adjusted according to the workload of the machine. It saves more electricity by reducing oil loss and motor loss. Compared with the traditional vertical injection molding machine, the new servo energy-saving series injection molding machine has the following characteristics: 1. The servo motor and the hydraulic system form a closed-loop control, and the low-pressure and low-flow repeatability is +/-0.5%, which is better than the traditional The precision of the injection molding machine is higher, the time for the machine to reach the maximum output is only 0.05s, and the motor speed can be increased by 10-25%. The production cycle is short and the production efficiency is improved. 2. The temperature of the hydraulic oil is reduced, the heat generation of the machine is reduced, the amount of cooling water is reduced, and the energy and water consumption are small. The power saving rate of the product can reach 30%-70%. The thicker the product gel, the longer the cooling time, the more power saving. 3. Low noise and high cost performance. The stability of the machine is improved, and the service life of the seal and the oil circuit is prolonged. Save the maintenance and repair costs of the machine. The average service life of the servo energy-saving series injection molding machine can reach 10 years. In the 21st century, the concept of environmental protection and energy saving has been implemented in people's production and life. Energy saving and environmental protection injection molding machines have become the focus of research and development of new injection molding machines. The future development prospects of energy-saving, environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable servo energy-saving injection molding machines are very objective. It is also a very important factor that affects the competitiveness of a company's products.
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