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Boxes of injection of hydraulic system?

by:FUHONG     2020-10-13
Disposable lunch box is a kind of low-value products, injection molding such thin wall products, in general will be fast, low energy consumption to produce benefits, so the manufacturer is competitive in the market. But in the field of disposable lunch box cover molding, industry still stays in a second, a four level, how to create more value for customers? 1 in the hydraulic system. High response servo hydraulic system, compared with the traditional standard pump and variable pump, servo hydraulic system combines the characteristics of stepless speed regulation characteristic of servo motor and hydraulic pump, the independent regulating hydraulic surname leading precision and energy saving, energy saving up to 80%. 2. High precision, high response of PID algorithm module to make the system pressure is stable. Pressure fluctuation is less than 0. 5 mpa, repeatability precision is high. Servo motor need only 20 / s reach the rated speed. As long as 0 pressure and velocity of the reaction. 03 seconds, not only significantly improve the repeatability accuracy, and precision of the mould opening position 0. 5 mm performance moulds. Increase the pump output by increasing the motor speed, improve the operating speed of the machine. 3. Shorten the molding cycle, more efficient. By the results of a servo motor, the start and end each movement needs a small amount of time, cancel the proportional valve to reduce hydraulic leak. 4. Soft start mould, do not affect the power grid, avoid pollution. 5. Efficient servo hydraulic system can effectively prevent the oil temperature rise, cooling, thereby reducing the replacement rate of hydraulic oil. 6. Because the nature of the work, low noise, and improve the working environment, servo motor and gear pump of the power system 7. The bypass oil filter, hydraulic oil filter impurities to ensure that the service life of the original hydraulic. 8. Multi loop hydraulic system, multiple operating simultaneously, shorten the production cycle, improve production efficiency. 9. Multistage pressure control, more precise measurement of the melt. 10. Choose import oil seal to ensure that the fuel tank does not leak, more stable. According to customer demand for products, classification of different configuration, improve the cost efficiency, fully meet the thin-wall packaging, used for mould ultra-thin box, snack box project, dedicated to thin wall high precision mold and ultra-thin products need. Custom + turnkey project packaging industry is an area where rapid technological upgrading, how to guarantee the customer to buy the equipment will not be repeated after the investment, to meet future demand for diversified production, is the west's holding group plant high-speed packaging when making system more weight is given to solve the problem. Powerful r&d service team, therefore, most of high-speed packaging solutions are personalization, by professional and technical team to in-depth understanding of customer needs and market trends and future product line planning, familiar with customers with the best machine, mould, materials, auxiliary engine, such as the expansion of the production have enough margin for the customer.
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