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Be sure to understand the basic knowledge of purchase injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-08
Injection molding machine is divided into multiple, and type many, want to buy injection molding machine, first make sure your products, mold is how much, how many holes. And the future development direction. Injection molding machine is larger items, and the price does not poor. If you want to know this, be sure to from the brand. , I will give you recommend below three kinds of quantitative pump injection molding machine, high cost performance, this kind of machine can produce most of the plastic products, fast and stable is the advantage of this model, also is a kind of common injection molding machine, if you need to do is commodity is more, it can be a priority. Servo energy-saving injection molding machine: this series of models using high intelligent dynamic servo control system, drive the oil pump is the power of the whole machine, under the same working condition, 20% to 80% compared with traditional hydraulic injection molding machine and energy saving, and quickly start time only 0. 5 s, high response, low mania, energy saving, and the advantages of higher precision, is the perfect combination of servo machine and drive technology, in a word, the high energy saving machine. High speed injection molding machine: this machine has three kinds of classification and detailed application reference, high-speed injection molding machine, high precision injection molding machine, special PET injection molding machine. ( 1) High-speed injection molding machine: it is through the triaxial linkage function to realize the storage material, mould and injection is simultaneously, shorten the molding cycle, so more suitable for thin-walled vessels. ( 2) High precision injection molding machine, is using KEBA and Moog valve control system, can accurately control the quality of the each module as well as the location, and can reduce the forming error. Main production following, LED lighting, mechanical gear ( 3) Special PET injection molding machine, injection molding machine cixin using PET special screw with a nitrogen-treated barrel, a larger L/D values have perfect plasticizing ability, can let you full and reasonable use of the machine and the highest value, mainly production bottle embryo and embryo. The above explanation of injection molding machine types and application of investment have some help for you? No matter whether you are interested to our inquiry, if you want to more in-depth understanding, can online query, also can be directly consulting, we hope can bring you some fruit.
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