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Basic knowledge of the injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-16
Injection molding machine structure of injection molding machine are usually made of injection system, clamping system, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc. Make plastic injection molding machine melt glue system evenly into molten state, and with enough speed and pressure to a certain amount of plastic injection into the mold cavity. Clamping device ensure mold closing injection will not be opened, implementation and ejection mould open and close action. Ensure the injection machine hydraulic and electric control system (according to the requirement of the reservation procedure Such as pressure, temperature, speed and time) Program and some work accurately, injection molding machine adopts Austrian master computer, response control precision can reach 0. 02ms。 The working process of the injection molding machine injection molding machine molding cycle generally from mould began to close. Mould rapid low-pressure closed in the first place, when moving die and die is very close, mode of power system and automatic switch to low voltage ( Try clamping pressure) , low speed, when confirm there is no foreign bodies exist in the mold, then switch to high pressure at low speed and will die lock. Plastic injection molding is the use of plastic melt physical properties, after heated to melting temperature of the plastic to make plastic into a liquid, the reasonable under the injection molding process of injection mould cavity, cooling and then open mold products such as shape forming, and then by knocking out power for products dropped a cycle.
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