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Bakelite vertical injection molding machine is good

by:FUHONG     2021-07-01
Bakelite is phenolic resin. PF, or phenolic resin, is the earliest industrialized plastic variety, and was the first to be industrialized in the United States in 1910. In China, with the wide application of bakelite raw materials, the bakelite vertical injection molding machine independently researched and developed by the machine: JTT-550 standard bakelite vertical injection molding machine and JTT-550R disc bakelite vertical injection molding machine are well received Trusted by regional electronics and plastic companies. The raw materials of PF are mainly phenols and aldehydes. The most commonly used are phenol and formaldehyde. They are catalyzed by acid, alkali and other catalysts to obtain PF or phenolic resin through polycondensation reaction. There are mainly two types of industrial production: dry method and wet method. Phenol and formaldehyde can produce two kinds of PF under the action of different catalysts, one is thermoplastic PF; the other is thermosetting PF. The former requires a curing agent and can be cured into a body structure under heating, while the latter does not require a curing agent and can become a body structure as long as it is heated. Whether it is thermoplastic PF or thermosetting PF, it can be used only when it is formed by curing. The solidification process is the continuation of the body polycondensation reaction and the formation of the final body product. This process is different from the melting and solidification of general thermoplastics. It is irreversible, with both physical and chemical processes. PF can be injection molded by a method similar to that of thermoplastics. PF used for injection molding requires better fluidity, can be molded under lower injection pressure, has higher thermal rigidity and faster hardening speed. The surface of the plastic part has good gloss, easy to demold, and does not pollute the mold. However, its injection molding also has its shortcomings. For example, the melt is limited by the types of fillers and is not suitable for molding plastic parts with more inserts. A large number of gates and runners after curing cannot be recycled and can only be discarded. To put it simply, thermoplastic PF can be produced by ordinary injection molding machines, but strict attention must be paid to controlling the process conditions. The thermosetting PF must be produced using a PF special injection molding machine (the barrel and screw are different from ordinary injection molding machines), and the mold must also use a special design structure. There are two types of bakelite vertical injection molding machines developed by the machine: JTT-550 standard bakelite vertical injection molding machine and JTT-550R disc bakelite (BMC) vertical injection molding machine. 17 years of independent research and development, bakelite vertical injection molding machine mold development, all-round one-stop injection molding process solution provider. It adopts a full range of imported accessories from Germany and Japan, which has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, low heat, quietness and precision.

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