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Arabian hookah nozzle nozzle injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-05-22
Hookah often appears in the clearing bar in life. It is the most favorite night way of life among contemporary young people to get a few friends and best friends in groups, drink a little wine, and brag about it. Hookah is very similar to e-cigarettes. It can be nicotine-free. Let people who have never smoked try what it's like to smoke, and let people who have smoked try different flavors of cigarettes. The hookah is a sharing type cigarette. For sanitation and easy cleaning and refilling, it is necessary to use a disposable hookah nozzle. What material is the hookah holder made of? The usual waterpipe holder is made of silica gel, which is non-toxic and harmless and can be used repeatedly. Of course, many materials are available for one-time use. Today, I will introduce what model should be used for the production of silicone hookah. The JTT-550 liquid silicone special machine is selected as the injection molding equipment for the nozzle of the Arabian hookah. Including German 2KM liquid silicone feeder, multi-stage precision mold electric heating temperature control, LSR special oil pressure water-cooled closed nozzle, LSR special material tube group, heat insulation cold water plate, heat insulation wave woven plate, disc or double slide design, It is more convenient to pick and place, and the pause time during LSR thermosetting molding can be used to allow the operator to do mold picking/placement and mold cleaning work, which greatly increases the production effect. Special feeding and injection design, feeding metering is more accurate, and optional adjustable vacuum device to prevent product bubbles. In general, for the production of hookah mouthpieces, you can choose the equipment configuration that suits you according to the scale of production. The price depends on how many functions you choose. The injection molding machine for the base board is not very expensive. The vertical injection molding machine in the industry is relatively cost-effective, and the after-sales reputation is also well known. If you want to know more products, leave a message to the customer service on the official website.
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