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Animal ear tag injection molding machine, electronic ear tag injection molding machine

by:FUHONG     2021-06-27
In order to facilitate production, operation and management, the animal husbandry industry needs to individually identify the raised animals. Currently, the commonly used method is ear tagging. Electronic ear tags are divided into traditional printed ear tags and the latest popular electronic ear tags. RFID technology is a common application of electronic ear tags. Because it can be integrated with the ranch management system, the production efficiency is greatly improved and the application prospects are broad. At present, ear tags are disposable products, and the cost is relatively high. Cows, breeding pigs, sheep and other high-value single-value products are used well. Other commodity pigs, sheep and other low-value products need to be further reduced in cost. In addition, in addition to the official veterinarian’s mandatory requirement to hang immune ear tags, the farm also has its internal number, species number, etc., which can tag the same animal twice or three times, causing the phenomenon of double-ear tagging, and single-ear tagging multiple tags. Phenomenon, hanging multiple labels like this has an adverse effect on animal growth, and multiple labels in one ear are also prone to drop off. Therefore, there is a need for a solution in production that can take into account both immune ear tags and electronic ear tags, so that it is convenient to mark animals multiple times, and some high-performance electronic ear tags are reused to save costs. This electronic ear tag injection molding machine uses JTT-450 standard vertical injection molding machine, which is characterized by: direct pressure clamping, vertical injection, small footprint, dexterity and precision. The lower mold is fixed and the upper mold is movable. For the good positioning of the insert, and configure the finished product ejection device. The stress distribution is uniform. The injection pressure protection is accurate, and the whole stroke is smooth and excellent. Electronic control and hydraulic parts. Precise and durable. In-line screw injection device. No limit adjustment of back pressure. Suitable for molding precision plastic parts. Suitable for injection molding of small and medium-sized embedded parts, and insert molding options. Optional servo energy-saving motor.
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