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A mixed color injection molding technology?

by:FUHONG     2020-09-16
Mixed double color injection molding machine is mainly suitable for two different colors but the same kind of plastic raw material mix of injection products, its products mixed color effect is more natural, mainly used in daily necessities, handicrafts products. Injection molding machine a mixed colors injection technology is mainly for double color molding machine two tube with two sets of moulds according to the order made after two forming double color products. Double color injection molding technology compared with traditional injection molding technology. Not only improve the precision of the injection molding process, providing a difficult technology, and expand the scope in the field of injection molding is made. Injection equipment and process of innovation, it is easier to deal with more and more diversified, high quality and high value added products demand. Mixed double color injection molding technology has the following advantages: 1 core material can use the low viscosity of the material to reduce the injection pressure. 2 from the environmental consideration, core can use recycling secondary material. 3 according to the use of different features, such as the cortex thickness unit is expected to use the soft material, core core use hard material or material can use foamed plastics to reduce weight. 4 can use lower quality core materials to reduce costs. 5 the cortex or core material can use expensive and special surface properties, such as preventing electromagnetic interference, high conductivity material in order to increase product performance. 6 the cortex and core material with appropriate can reduce residual stress and increase the mechanical strength moulded or product surface properties. 7 like marble grain products. Mixed colors injection technology is only a small part of the injection molding professional, there are more injection molding professional information waiting for you to dig.
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