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A brief introduction for PVC plastic injection machine

by:FUHONG     2020-09-21
Saw so many injection molding machine, do you know about our PVC injection molding machine, let me introduce one. Special PVC plasticizing components, the use of hard plated luo screw, plated luo nozzle ( Increasing the aperture) And plating luo nozzle flange and enhance corrosion resistance. 2. Widen the machine door design, and hydraulic core-pulling device ( Two inputs and two outputs) 3. Strict temperature control, more optional paragraph or compressed air cooling fan 4. Add large hydraulic motor, the realization of highly efficient plasticizing 5. Machine screw cylinder with cold oil. 6 water cooling system. When the hydraulic motor to adapt to the PVC plasticizing ultrahigh PVC injection molding machine screw torque requirements of the above characteristics, In addition to point 2) Is specially designed according to the properties of the PVC plastic PVC plastic characteristics: 1. Liquidity is poor, the use of screw injection machine nozzle, aperture should be larger, in case of blind Angle hysteresis material 2. Easy to decompose, forming temperature range is small, must be strictly controlled temperature is expected to 3. Corrosive point 2 is designed according to the characteristics of the mould, because more than PVC for pipe fitting mould, pipe fitting mold structure is complex, use more oil cylinder, size Gu Changhai sales department.
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