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A brief introduction for PVC plastic injection machine

by:FUHONG     2020-10-03
PVC is not the same as ordinary material, PVC material is more corrosive, all mold and injection molding machine screw cylinder need to be specially, PVC mold needs to be done to anti-corrosion treatment, commonly used with chrome plated, or use S136/2738/2316 imported steel, etc. PVC injection molding machine screw must use alloy screw, cylinder to use anticorrosion. Workshop need to be ventilated, other molds need to be coated with anti-rust oil. Commonly used PVC injection molding machine parameters are as follows: cylinder temperature feeding area 30 ~ 50 ℃ ( 50℃) Area 1 140 ~ 160 ℃ ( 150℃) Zone 2 150 ~ 180 ℃ ( 165℃) 3 160 ~ 220 ℃ ( 180℃) District 4 160 ~ 220 ℃ ( 190℃) Zone 5 160 ~ 220 ℃ ( 190℃) Nozzle 160 ~ 220 ℃ ( 200℃) Brackets temperature suggested as the basic value of utilization rate of stroke was 35% and 65%, module do so and the ratio of wall thickness of 50:1 to 100:1 melting temperature: PVC plastic injection machine material barrel temperature: 200 ~ 220 ℃, 120 ℃ mold temperature: 30 ~ 50 ℃ injection pressure: 80 ~ 120 mpa, 800~1200bar) The holding pressure, injection pressure of 30% ~ 60% back pressure: 5 ~ 10 mpa ( 50 ~ 100条) ; Injection speed: in order to obtain a good surface quality, injection should not be too fast, If necessary, use multilevel injections) The screw rotation speed: set the medium screw rotation speed, maximum equivalent linear velocity is zero. 5 m/s measuring stroke: 1. 0 ~ 3. 5 d ( Minimum and maximum) ; Measurement of 4 d schedule for molten material sufficiently long residence time is very important. PVC plastic injection machine residual capacity: 2 ~ 6 mm, depending on the measuring stroke and the screw diameter prebake: don't need; Only in the storage conditions is bad, under the temperature of 70 ℃ drying can be recovery: 1 h to allow the material not recycled shrinkage rate under the condition of thermal decomposition: 1 ~ 2. 5% gate system: the small products can use point gate; Gate in the direction of the products should be circular arc transition machine shutdown time: closed heating, no back molding, extrusion circular cylinder equipment operation several times: standard screw, non-return ring, PVC injection molding machine through the nozzle more questions can be consulting us!
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